Boudoir photography

February 13, 2013

in boudoir photography


Boudoir photography is always a real pleasure. I get to spend a lot more time with the client, opening a bottle of bubbly, playing some great tunes, and having some real fun. It’s a very creative process for me. I don’t make any firm plans on backgrounds or lighting until I meet the client. I look at the outfits she has brought, and we talk about likes and dislikes. I can then set up a few different “sets” that will suit the client and the atmosphere I am trying to achieve. It really is tremendous fun, and you never know exactly what direction you will end up going in.

A recent shoot was an absolute joy for me. The client looked terrific but most importantly, she absolutely loved the camera and the camera loved her (as I think you’ll see in the photos!) She was such a natural she could easily be a model. She was very relaxed which I think is clear in the final shots. The only problem with a shoot like this is how do you decide which shots to use?

Boudoir filmstar
Boudoir reclined
Boudoir bride
Boudoir red satin
Boudoir black and white
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